#SWPHX Team Rosters


Here’s a quick preview of what our teams have been working on all weekend… Get your demo day ticket to come check out the presentations, judging and final results!

relationSHIPPED: Helps couples build and maintain strong relationships through a monthly subscription of healthy activities. 

Team Members:

  • Carlos Urreta
  • Adam Little
  • Lien Van Den Steen

Plato: Interactive experiment design web application for wet-bench science and collaboration.

Team Members:

  • Jordan Yaron
  • Kevin Timms
  • Gabe Chaney
  • Keith Washington
  • Will Denniston

How You See Me: Personal feedback platform that collects anonymous feedback from your close contacts so you can understand how others see you and leverage this information to evolve.

Team Members:

  • Jeremy Watson
  • Todd Scheuring
  • Kamlesh Ravlani

Now Boarding: Allows users to find last-minute travel destinations that fit their budget.

  • David Richards
  • Howard Chao
  • Daniel Dillie
  • Sean Otto

Forkr: Allows users to access health inspection reports for restaurants, schools, care facilities and more in a easy-to-digest format.

Team Members:

  • Cayla Ewing
  • Steven Douglas
  • Jared Walters
  • Corey Abramowitz

Cindy’s Big Night: Custom fit shoes in exclusive fashionable designs – a perfect fit for your foot and your unique style.

Team Members:

  • Heather Jackson
  • Joseph Clark
  • Tom Hall
  • Mark Nathans
  • Charlie Rodriguez
  • Southin Simphoukhan

Think Sync: A simple tool to store, organize, edit and share thoughts with friends in order to create a better idea.

Team Members:

  • Patrik Matheson
  • Taze Raney
  • Andy Arminio
  • Nicholas Worth
  • Rubayat Mahmud
  • Theo Brinkofski
  • Justin Kellner